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Valiant Voyages is for kids with cancer and other serious illnesses and their families. Together, they share a two-to-four-hour experience sailing a large vessel, while learning about the marine environment. All are encouraged to get involved in sailing, or simply relax far from hospitals and treatments.

The program will bring these kids out on the water, teach them to sail, open their senses to the marine world around them, and allow them to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments as they turn their attention to the demands of sailing Violet or Shenanigan.

The program operates out of Mystic, CT, aboard Argia, an 81-foot schooner. And out of Charleston SC, on the OM, a 43-foot catamaran.

During our trips, we teach our special passengers how to:

  • Prepare for sailing
  • Shove off
  • Hoist the sails
  • Steer the ship
  • Read the instruments
  • Navigate the waters

USCG-licensed captains run the boats on each trip.

Along with medical treatments, a positive attitude can help children with cancer, and their families, get through treatments and hospital visits, often lasting months. Several studies have shown that although a positive attitude does not appear to affect cancer directly, it does help children handle their treatments better.

Social workers and child-life specialists offer programs that give children something to look forward to, helping them remain optimistic. Valiant Voyages is privileged to offer one of those programs.