Sailing Vessel Shenanigan

The vintage 50-foot, center-cockpit Gulfstar Ketch “Shenanigan” sails out of Charleston, SC. Its owners, both U. S. Coast Guard 50 Ton Master Sailing Captains, are excited to join Valiant Voyages in bringing children and their families out on a sailing adventure for a needed break from hospitals and treatments.

Shenanigan has classic sailing yacht lines that are easy on the eyes. She has a ‘slightly spoon-raked bow with a sweet shear and a lovely counter stern. Her teak wooden interior is masterfully finished and updated with designer upholstery throughout, along with teak and holly soles. These sailing yachts were popular charter boats in the Caribbean in the 1970s. A high-performance, spacious vessel, she has previously spent time chartering in the beautiful waters of Saint-Martin, the Abacos, Bahamas, the Dry Tortugas, the Florida Keys, Charleston, and Marina Hemmingway, Cuba.

Built in Tampa, Florida in 1979, Shenanigan is a 32-ton, heavy displacement cruising sailboat with lead ballast and a total weight of 35,000 lbs. With a 6 ft. draft, she is a keel-stepped ocean-going vessel with two masts that offers a sea-kindly and stable sailing experience. Having two masts, the tallest being 55 ft., offers a variety of sail combinations and allows for comfortable inshore or offshore passages in most weather and sea conditions.

When Captains Jen and Janet, of Sundog Sailing Charleston, untie the lines and set the sails, passengers will join them in finding waypoints never expected on the water in the Charleston Harbor.