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You have no idea how much this meant to our family. In 2017 my son was diagnosed with autism and shortly after we discovered he was being abused/mistreated by the public preschool we had him enrolled. Then in 2018, while we were still battling with the school, our daughter Elia was diagnosed with leukemia at two years of age and a new hell began. She endured 2.5 years of intense treatment and rang the bell in 2020 just as the pandemic was beginning. Finally, out of our bubble, we were thrilled to have the kids experience the wonderful things the world offers. This was EVERYTHING to us. And for me, as a mama, it actually caught me off guard as I sat on the boat and felt the tension and fear (PTSD and waiting for the other shoe to drop-cancer just never ends) melt away. It brought me to tears. It was such a relief that I have never felt.

- Ashley Ikonomidis

Charleston SC

Thank you just isn’t enough!! This is Deirdre Paisley’s mom. Just wanted to send you some pictures to show you how much we enjoyed ourselves. You have blessed us with the most incredible memories to last a lifetime. I want to say thank you again for your generosity and kindness to our local organization. The captains who took us out were thoughtful and caring, they showed my kids what sailing was all about and my children felt like masters of the sea. Experiences like this for our children are priceless. You are a hero in disguise!

- Deirdre's Paisley's Mom